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Meet the Student Wardens!

We know that starting at university can be challenging, especially when moving to a city you are unfamiliar with. Find out what Student Wardens do to support you on your journey!

We know that starting at university can be challenging, especially if you are moving away from home for the first time to a city you are unfamiliar with. Our priority is to support you on your student journey by helping you safely settle in Coventry and integrate well with the local community. That is why our friendly Student Warden team work hard at running campaigns that engage and educate students on everything from staying safe on a night out to getting to know your neighbours.



Meet your VP for Welfare and Inclusion!

Your Vice President for Welfare and Inclusion, Abimbola, is your full time elected officer who looks after Safer Living and works closely with the Student Wardens. Abimbola is incredibly passionate about the area and is keen to build on the following 3 things this coming year: 

  • Working towards making student accommodation safer. 

  • Offering more opportunities for students to have their tenancy contracts reviewed. 

  • Working towards developing a volunteering strategy that can be incorporated into the curriculum.  



Get In Contact

Our Student Wardens work hard to support students as best they can and are always happy to be stopped for a chat if you ever have any questions about living in Coventry! If you would like to get in contact with the team, please email us at or contact us through our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

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