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Box End Wake Park

Hi All,

For anyone not yet in our messenger group chat, message any of the watersports socials or any of the committee to be added. This is where you'll get all updates first so make sure you get yourself added.

This article is an update as to where we are with going back to sport as well as what we want to get up to in the next few weeks.


Why aren't we doing sport?

First and foremost, the pandemic. As a committee we're all confident our sports can go ahead as long as the right safety procedures are in place as they're largely individual outdoor sports, HOWEVER we must wait for the unis approval. We're trying our best to work with sport coventry to bring us back to sport but as the virus slowly begins to spread rapidly once again, we've got to be cautious and thus we can't say when we will get back to the sea, lakes or rivers. Trust me when I say we're really chasing up the uni to find out when we can return.

What are youy doing to ensure members safety if we return to sport?

Firstly, we have our trusty COVID officer, Cheran, who will oversee our sports to make sure no one is going to be at risk. We will take peoples details and register who is at each event we do to ensure if anyone has been in close contact with anyone at risk of having the virus, everyone is made aware. At the moment, safety has to be our number one priority.

When we can go back to doing sport what will we be doing?

The likelihood is that we will start small, with afternoons kayaking or wakeboarding with safety measures in place. However as we prove to everyone involved that we can run things safely, hopefully we can move onto larger trips but again, we have no idea when this time will come so be patient.

What can we be doing in the meantime?

Get involved! As a committee we're working on new ideas to get people interested and engaged with our society. Wednesdays are typically gona be our zoom nights. For those that have already attended some zoom calls, we're probably going to have our zoom calls last longer than before now and try our best to make them fun. Got any ideas for things we can get up to (within government guidlines) ? Then please let us know.

What do we have in terms of Watersports Kit?

We have access to a very small amount of kit which is still to be checked to see if its usable, this will probably be done once we can return to sport. In terms of storing any personal kit such as kayaks, wakeboards or surfboards, I would strongly advise against it because we don't completly know the state of the store and we can't guarentee the kits safety.

What do we actually do in the zoom calls?

Chat, drink, play silly games. It's just a chance to get to know everyone and see mates so we basically do whatever we want. Sometimes we'll have a theme, sometimes we'll play a game online, sometimes we'll play music. Just depends on the night and who wants to do what.


So for now, just get involved in what we're up to. Make sure you're in our CUWS 2020/21 group chat on Facebook messenger, and above all, stay safe!

Get in touch and get access to our messenger group chat now !



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