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Welcome CUWS 2020/21 !

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[Image of CUWS logo] CUWS 2020/21

As a committtee we have searched for ways to get this year up and running! We have many challenges in our way as rules change and develop, however there are some small steps we're taking in order to have some sort of start to the year.


For returning students, socials are a staple of uni life, whether it be a dress up night or just a quiet night in the pub. This year we have to walk a fine line to get maximum enjoyment out of socials as well as sticking to strict guidelines to keep us and those around us safe during unprecedented times. Thus, to begin the year, we're proposing zoom socials to begin to get to know members old and new. We hope that in future we can all come back together for memorable nights at empire!

We're also looking to create a new Facebook messenger group chat to convey information to members, as well as getting to know you all. You can join this by clicking the interest button on this CUSU page and then asking us for access to the chat.

If you can't access this, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and on this page for updates and events !

Our Sport

Sport Coventry is doing a fine job in attempting to coordinate our return to play! However, while we wait for an update as to whether we can continue to Kayak, Surf, Wakeboard and much more, we need to ensure it can be done safely and within guidelines. As a committee we've risk assessed and are waiting upon the uni as to when we can return to do what we love! So bear with us.


BUCS will not happen before Jan 2021. However, a lot of preliminary dates are in place for BUCS competitions so watch this space for updates.


This year will be unlike any other so join CUWS now !


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Tue 29 Sep 2020
[Image of CUWS logo]

Welcome CUWS 2020/21 !

Wed 09 Sep 2020
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