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Academic Wellbeing - Supporting you through your assessments!

Your wellbeing and mental health is heavily influenced by your academic success. Make sure you are prepared for upcoming examination and deadline period with our academic wellbeing activities and resources; from revision resources to workshops - let's help get you ready.

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CUSU is launching it's first Academic Wellbeing campaign to support you in preparing and progressing through your assessments. We wanted to bring together all of the useful resources, services and activities into one place!

What is Academic Wellbeing?

“Academic wellbeing encompasses challenge and the ability to take risks, strengthened by security, confidence and emotional resilience. Wellbeing is essential for learners, enabling them to achieve their potential and act as qualified people in the world of work and social relations.” 

The academic journey of university is filled with ups-and-downs, the excitement of Welcome Week and starting a new academic chapter in higher education can come to a halt when examinations and deadlines are announced. It can be easy to lose confidence at this period - but we want to make sure that every student has the opportunity to develop skills and get support from the range of services available to ensure you achieve your potential.

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Academic Resources 

We want to help you to feel confident and excited to take on the challenges of the academic aspects of University. Through sharing resources on how best to prepare, to sharing tips on how others have managed their stresses. We will be working alongside the university and other academic services to be a place to get more informed on what is available to assist with your studying, including;

- Developing skills for academic success

- Signposting to academic support services

- How to disclose a disability and tackling digital poverty

- The processes of deferrals and extensions 

- The importance of academic integrity 


Activities and Events

Revision can be taxing, mentally, physically and emotionally. It can be difficult to step away without feeling guilty or worrying about procrastination and perfectionism. We want to bring you academic support and recovery-based activities to help, whether its course-specific workshops or a fun activity to break up long revision sessions there will be something useful for everyone.

- Skills-based workshops 

- Mindfulness, relaxation and recovery

- Course-specific learning opportunities 

- Fun and celebratory!


We want to hear from you! Have ideas or have faced difficulties during your studies that we can address? Get in touch!


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