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Fine Art To Wellbeing! FREE online digital Fine Art Workshops

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Who are Arty Folks?

Arty Folks is a Coventry based charity who utilise art practises as a means of communicating and improving mental health. Through purposed workshops any person who can wield a crafting material (pen, pencil, crayon and much, much more!) can learn the healing power of art, through the communication of ideas and feelings all the way through to the tangible creation of something new.

But I've never done anything arty before? I'm not very creative!

These workshops are designed in a way that makes it accessible from a child learning to colour between the lines, to Michaelangelo decorating the Vatican ceiling. The purpose is not to create the next Mona Lisa, but to learn introspective skills and to create something that moves you with easy to follow instructions from a brilliant art practioner.

I'm nervous, I'm shy, I'm awkward enough in person let alone through digital means!

The team at Arty Folks have you in mind - you are not being marked or compared through art. Your involvement is entirely up to you - take part at the front, or sit quietly taking part in the exercises from your own comfort. 


A little bit more information regarding the workshops!

We think about creativity as making something new and original, but in fact, the root meaning of creativity means ‘to grow’.  In this course you will explore how art can help you look at things from a fresh perspective and map a different way forward.

Art materials you will need: white paper, pencil, colour pencils, scissor, any glue, magazines or newspapers.

Learning outcomes:
– de-stress and channel your mental energy
– learn to express yourself through your own visual language
– learn to cultivate ‘me-time’ to improve focus and concentration

The course is suitable for total beginners as well as experienced artists, and anyone looking for alternative coping strategies to improve mental well-being.

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or a complete beginner. The focus of this course is not on teaching traditional art skills, but on experiencing how mental stress can be relieved through art and to encourage creativity in every day life.

The Coventry Recovery & Wellbeing Academy offers a huge range of courses and workshops to promote personal development and self-management of mental health conditions. All courses are free and open to anyone over the age of 18 living in Coventry and Warwickshire.

The Fine Art to WellBeing

Course start dates!


15.6 22.6 29.6 1pm - 3pm
July 13.7 20.7 27.7 1pm - 3pm
August 10.8 17.8 24.8 1pm - 3pm
September 14.9 21.9 28.9 1pm - 3pm


This Art of Relaxation workshop will give you a good introduction to Arty-Folks and how you can use art to de-stress and improve your mental wellbeing.  It includes full instructions how to make your own dream catcher.


Please Note:
The Fine Art to Wellbeing is an online course and you will need access to either a laptop, tablet or smartphone with adequate data or Wi-Fi capability.

We are aware that many do not have the digital skills and equipment needed to join online courses and we are presently looking into how we can help.  If you would like to join our course but are not able to please email us to


Interested and want to learn more? Click the link here! 


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