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Here to help you through exam stress

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The Fitness Health Wellbeing Expo 2019

Wednesday 4th December, 11am – 3pm

Square One, The Hub


Come along and speak to the Wellbeing & Mental Health Community as we take part in the University organised Wellbeing Expo. We will be bringing all the latest community news, opportunities as well as introducing our new charity partner Therapy Dogs Nationwide who will be bringing one of their four-legged friends! 

The expo will also feature demonstrations and speakers, with a free mocktail on entry! A showcase of University, student and external avenues of health, support, activities and fitness - a great chance to find the resources needed to tackle the exam period and life at university. You can even be in with a chance to win a free gym membership by registering on arrival! We will also be handing out free fidget string, highlighters and stress balls to all those who sign up to the community.


Wellbeing Give Aways!

Throughout the week - follow us on Instagram to find out where!

The Wellbeing & Mental Health Community want to make sure that you have your own personal stress busters. We’ve got stress balls, fidget string and highlighter pens – all you need to do is sign up to the Wellbeing Community and you can help yourself when we post on campus where we will be!



Coventry Mind Bus Visit

Thursday 5th December, 10am – 4pm

Jordan Well - Opposite the Ellen Terry building


Revising & cramming can mean long hours without breaks, poor nutrition and a general lapse of our Wellbeing and Mental Health. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep, deal with anxiety or other mental health issues and would like free professional advice – visit the Coventry And Warwickshire Mind Bus. The bus is fully equipped with a professional councilor who can give you the best information about the issues you might be facing.

You can also find out more about the free workshops and courses that Mind offers to help you build your mental strength through the difficult period.


High Scores, Greater Grades

Friday 6th December, 11am – 3pm

The Hub, Bottom Floor


Normally revision and video games don’t mix. But we are making an exception. On Friday the 6th of December after a long week of submissions and library marathons we would like to invite you to come to a gaming session with us in the Hub. We will have a variety of games to play so you can get a quick game in before the weekend!


Pens Down And Gloves Up!

















Exams are stressful – it’s difficult to deny. With stress, anger can quickly surface too. We want to provide you a safe space to release some of that cathartic desire and purge that surplus rage. Keep an eye on our Instagram over the next couple of weeks as we post where we will have our pop-up boxing bag to beat and berate.


Exam Angels

Thursday 5th FBL + EEC, Library

Friday 6th FAH + HLS, Library













The exam angels will be coming around campus providing nutrition and water from a dispensary (so make sure you have your water bottles ready)! The Sabbatical Officers are coming together to provide studious students a little pick me up – as a way of improving you wellbeing over the stressful period. So if you see a delightful winged wonder wandering through your study space, stop and ask for a top up of water and a piece of fruit to keep your mind sharp.


Pets As Therapy

Thursday 12th December, 1.30pm – 3pm

Disruptive Learning Library, 3rd Floor



The campus canines are coming back! The good puppers from the amazing Pets As Therapy charity are having their December visit this year in support of students coming to the end of the exam block. The famous four (Ben-G, Daisy, Archie and Gaffer), four-legged fiends are coming to the library to give you that last little motivation for your exams.



Mindfulness Sessions
09/12/2019 – 12/12/2019

Whether you want to get the most of your revision, or beat the pre/post exam nerves, come along to our FREE professional mindfulness sessions and tackle exam stress head on.

Achieved through breathing and meditation practices, mindfulness involves learning how to remain focused, acknowledging feelings and managing your thoughts in a positive way. The Students With Responsibilities Community are providing FREE mindfulness sessions in student accommodation.  Our mindfulness sessions are delivered by Dr Michael Roberts from Come along for a free 50 minute session, where you'll learn all about mindfulness and have a free session of guided practice. 

9th of December at Bishop Gate : 7pm-8pm

10th of December at Godiva Place: 7pm-8pm

11th of December at The Cycle Works: 7pm-8pm

12th of December at Priory Hall: 7.30pm – 8:30pm



















Library Chill Out Zone

Teaching Room 2, Second Floor.

Open 9am to 7pm, Monday December 2nd to Friday December 6th and Monday 9th to Tuesday 10th.
Closes at 4pm on Wednesday December 11th

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed during revision? We got you covered. Visit our Chill Out Zone in the Lanchester Library! A low sound & lighting space, with mindfulness activities including colouring and stress relieving tools. You will also find wellbeing information and support on exam stress, as well as beanbags and comfy places to rest. Always take a break when you need it.













Don’t lose your space …
Lanchester Library

We know how annoying it can be when you need a break from revision but don’t want to lose your space in the library! We’ve developed ‘Study Break’ passes that you can pick up in the library, and place on your desk for up to 20 mins. This lets staff in the library know that you’re coming back and also helps protect your belongings to alert other students not to move them whilst you’re gone.

Ask a member of staff in the library to pick one up.


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