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How Gaming Can Help your Mental Health

Don't feel too guilty about your video game binge, it's about moderation!

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How Gaming Can Help Your Mental Health 

Gaming is a relatively new hobby that does not always make sense to people as it is not viewed as a productive activity. For many people gaming has a bad image. It is very often associated with a lone person hidden away in their room and that makes people think of it as a hobby that can only be bad for you. What people do not realise that for many people this is not the case. 

Gaming is a hobby where you can spend time focused on the game and whatever world the game is set in rather than your real life with all its stress and hardships. This makes gaming a great way to take a break and relax for a few hours. Gaming can also allow you to reach out to people in similar situations to yourself. 

Oxford University carried out a study using game data and psychological questionnaires and found that people who played more games tended to report greater “wellbeing”. This study lets games to be seen more as a source of leisure rather than an unhealthy habit. 


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