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Mental Health and Wellbeing at CUSU

The Wellbeing & Mental Health team

CUSU Mental Health & Wellbeing has grown massively over the past year. We've done amazing work collaborating with mental health charities and groups like; Mind, Young Gamblers Association, IAPT, Sexual Health Clinics, Arty Folks for free art therapy sessions, Pets As Therapy, Time To Talk, Student Minds, Mental Health Mates and many, many more!

Through our collaborations, and with the work of students we have produced amazing campaigns, projects and events to support students with their Mental Health journey. Whether it’s yoga sessions, therapy animal visits, information fairs and digital newsletters we have been busy to put mental health into the spotlight – by informing and empowering you to look after yourself and others; mentally, emotionally and even physically!

Let's have a look at some highlights

University Mental Health Day

University Mental Health Day is a national campaign that happens in early March.

This year our team of student volunteers led by our Wellbeing and Mental Health Officer decided to have a full day of therapy pets (including miniature ponies and a trip to a local Cat Café lounge), free barbers, treats and the University Mental Health Team ready to take on any questions that students might have regarding the service they provide and how to access this.

Emergency Contact Stickers

University can throw up some rough passages and can leave many not knowing who to speak to. We decided to put together stickers for free services including university contacts and national services to use so no student feels left behind or without help at hand:

We also put out digital information on a regular basis – Mental Health and Wellbeing is an ongoing journey so sign up to the MH&WB mailing list so we can share with you campaigns, activities and information to keep your inner world a peaceful place!

Exam Stress

Exam time is a stressful time between deadlines, due dates and revision. Throughout these difficult weeks we share revision tips and de-stress tricks, as well as handing out free fruit and materials to equip you with everything we can from your first assignment or exam through to your last.

So how can I be involved?

Have you got an activity or idea that you would love to see promoted or campaigned during university? Maybe you want to fundraise for a charity that is close to you and aren’t sure what support you can get? This is where we can come in! We will do our best to help guide and promote your ideas. We’ve already assisted with student led art workshops, bake sales and even award-winning bids! Contact us at

We also have opportunities to join our Wellbeing & Mental Health Student Team – a group of student volunteers who oversee and assist all that we do throughout the year. The team is a brilliant way for you to get experience and further skills and knowledge in mental health as well as gain fantastic transferable skills.

So for all this and more, sign up to CUSU Mental Health and Wellbeing now!

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