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SIGMA Free Mathematics and Statistics support for all Coventry University Students

SIGMA offers an amazing free service to all students and staff at Coventry University through mathematic module support. You don't need to be a specific faculty or course, any student looking for help can find it here!

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What does Sigma mean?

The letter “sigma” (∑ - upper case and σ – lower case) is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet, corresponding to our Roman letter ‘s’. It is much loved by mathematicians and statisticians but more importantly: Sigma is the name of the team at Coventry delivering mathematics and statistics support ‘free at the point of delivery’ to ALL Coventry students.


Five important things you need to know about sigma:

  1. sigma is for EVERY student on campus, whatever their course or whatever their Faculty or School.

  2. sigma's Drop-In Centre in the Library is open 50 hours, 6 days a week in term time. (This includes digital sessions!)

  3. sigma's experienced tutors offer friendly face-to-face help with every type of problem involving maths or stats in your course.

  4. No appointment is required - just drop in and a tutor will help with your questions as soon as they are free.

  5. No questions are too elementary (or even too hard) to bring to the MSC - hard questions may take a little longer.



From a Nursing student:

Aiping has been an amazing tutor, she is exceptionally patient and praises often. She makes sure that you understand exactly what she is explaining before moving on … I used to be someone who was terrified of maths and everything felt like an alien concept, but with Aiping's help I feel confident and feel like I have been properly equipped with all the tools I need to answer maths related questions

Aiping is one of the maths support tutors in sigma


From a MSc Occupational Psychology student:

You provide a fabulous service and I really don't know how I would have managed without you


From a 1st year Engineering student:

Thank you for your time once again earlier, no one has taught me complex numbers as clearly and as well as you did. I really appreciated it.


From a 2nd year Psychology student:

Due to the lack of face-to-face interaction this year, a lot things have been unclear to me and I have been very anxious about the transition into second year and the depth of analysis that is required.  I attended a drop-in session with Charlotte Price yesterday and she explained many statistical tests to me and why they are used. I found this very helpful and thanks to her, I now have a much greater understanding of the topic. She dealt with my queries very well and I would definitely recommend the sigma centre to my peers! 

Charlotte Price is one of the stats support tutors in sigma


From a mature Masters student:

I am emailing to express my appreciation and to express how impressed I am with the Sigma service.   I returned to education after a work break of a few years, and returning to SPSS and stats was very daunting.  I have not heard of a service like this at any other University and am very grateful for the support I received. I have recommended Sigma to fellow students on my course as I believe it is invaluable.


Sigma is available through a digital booking system and is available to all Coventry and CU Group students!




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