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World Mental Health Day

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Hear from Dr. Diane Phimister and your Vice President for Welfare and Inclusion Abimbola Ojo 

Arty Folks Therapy workshops

Art for Relaxation is a free online course run by Arty-Folks, a group based in Coventry for adults who are experiencing depression and anxiety, and mental health issues that are holding them back in the here and now.   

To find out more about Arty Folks and there offers click here!

Mindfulness Sessions

"Mindfulness is the art of showing up for our lives. Described by Jon Kabat-Zinn as paying attention on purpose, in the present-moment and without judgement, mindfulness is the simple awareness of what’s happening around and within us." 

Join Dr. Michael Roberts digitally as he takes you through a short mindfulness workshop - the session will help you reduce stress and anxiety, develop emotional resisliance, increase focus, reduce blood pressure.

To sign up for Friday 9th, 3:30-4:15pm

To sign up for Friday 16th, 2:00-2:45pm

Black History Month -  Mental Health Panel Talk

The Equity and Diversity team are collaborating with the EKIMELO project to explore the influence of environment and culture on mental health. This World Mental Health Day, join your VP for Sport & Wellbeing, and more amazing panel members as we explore improving mental health & wellbeing in Black communities...Be part of the conversation.

Click here to get your tickets for the event


Meet your wellbeing team

Come along to the Hub and safely meet Dr Lesley Harrison who works in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Zone at the university and Grace Cappy Wellbeing and Inclusion Manager – we have mental health freebies!

Monday 12th, 9.30am - 14.30pm 

How to combat isolation and loneliness 

Listen to Dr Lesley Harrison and Steph McCoy talking about how to combat loneliness and isolation.

Click here to head to the weblink


Webinar on suicide prevention

Watch and hear Annette Dix and Steph McCoy present a short webinar around suicide prevention 

Click here to head to the webinar

Take the alcohol quiz 

Take the alcohol quiz before the weekend and see how you score!

Click here to take the quiz

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