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Want to have a go at writing a jingle? Women's Engineering Society have asked us to compose a new jingle to use in their podcasts!

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Coventry’s Women's Engineering Society have their own podcast which they started in September 2020 called WES Chit Chat. Whether you’re an engineer or not, I suggest checking it out! They cover an interesting range of topics from Anxiety to Pet Peeves. Here is the link to their podcast… 



Want to have a go at writing a jingle? WES have asked us to compose a new jingle to use at the beginning and end of their podcasts! They are looking for a 10-20 second jingle with a relaxed vibe to introduce their episodes. Have a listen to their current jingle for some inspiration. 

You can use whatever software you have access to or simply record yourself playing your instrument. We’re happy to help in whatever way we can, so let us know if you have any queries! 

Whether you have any experience composing or not, this competition is open to any of our Windband members who want to have a go! 



The final deadline for submissions is Monday 8th March! 

Please send your audio files to our email address and we’ll pass them on to WES. 

If you want to discuss your jingle ideas or get feedback before then, we’d love to hear your ideas in our next Zoom social! (Tuesday 2nd March)



The selected jingle will be used on the WES Chit Chat episodes. 

The winner will also win a £20 Amazon voucher (£10 from WES Society, £10 from Windband).  

The winner will also earn themselves an extra 10 points towards our Online Game Night series this term! 



We really hope you guys can have some fun with this <3 If you have any further questions about this competition, then don’t hesitate to message on of us! 

Finally, GOOD LUCK! We can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with! 



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