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Meet the Committee

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Meet the Committee for this year!

Simran will be our President for this year. Simran will ensure windband runs smoothly and efficiently and making sure every member has fun and an unforgettable experience playing music with the CUSU windband. She will help to look after social media so make sure to look out for regular posts. Simran will also organise great socials and events for us all! 

Alex will be our Musical Director for this year. Alex will run all the rehearsals and concerts for the year and be in charge of all the music we play. He will make sure rehearsals and concerts are fun and enjoyable for all members of the band. 

David is the treasurer for this year. David is in charge of all the money the band has and will make sure it is spent in a way that benefits the band and its members.


Matthew is the Inclusions Officer for this year. As the Inclusions officer, Matt will help plan socials for all of us and will make sure everyone feels welcome in the band. Matt will also help with social media so keep an eye out for posts on Instagram and Facebook.


We look forward to meeting you all soon!


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