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Socials in March 2021!

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Hey Everyone!

I hope you guys are doing ok and settling into the New Year! 

To keep you all entertained and to continue the Windband Spirit we have decided to continue the virtual games nights! 

For March we have planned out 3 game nights that we knew you guys enjoyed last year and a new one we think you will enjoy just as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

March Socials:

1. Our beloved favourite drawing game is back for weird musical doodles

Pictionary (March 02 2020)

2. A crazy new game that could potentially lead to some odd word choices

Countdown (March 16 2020)

3. Finally: A game to get us off our feet and become musical pieces, artists or instruments

Charades (March 30 2020)

It's the same idea as last year so make sure you attend and get as many points as possible for the BIG PRIZE at the end!!

You can also get points (and ££) from participating in the Jingle Competition so make sure you take a look at the article and start making some amazing tunes.


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