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Firstly, hello to all of the new freshers! We really appreciate that this year has been particularly crazy for you and you might be worried about starting university in such unprecedented times. At Windband, we'll do our best to help you settle into uni life and provide a friendly community for anyone who wants to join us! Also, hello to all of our returning members, we're really looking forward to seeing you again! 

Obviously, these are unprecedented times and keeping our members and community safe is the most important thing. It's particularly confusing when goverment guidelines keep changing, but whatever happens, we'll make sure you can still make some music with us this term!

Please keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for details on our first society events of the year.



PRESIDENT - William Pickering

  • HELLO - My role is to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that everyone is working well together. I also work with the other committee members to run our concerts and events. This is my second year as President of Windband.
  • INSTRUMENTS - Trumpet, piano, organ and euphonium
  • COURSE - Biomedical Science (3rd year)
  • FUN FACT - I can't actually keep in time haha


VICE PRESIDENT - Catherine Miller

  • HELLO - I'm in charge of all of the social media and advertising for the band. I make all of our promotional material including our new promo video which you can find on all of our social media platforms! I also help to run the socials and any other committee jobs and organisational bits which needs doing. This is my second year as Vice President for Windband!
  • INSTRUMENTS - Flute, piccolo and piano
  • COURSE - Illustration and Graphics (3rd year)
  • FUN FACT - I was once enrolled for a grade 1 clarinet exam by a collegue as a joke... I had six weeks to learn the clarinet and take the exam haha



  • HELLO - I conduct and run the rehearsals as well as sorting out most of the music. I sometimes even arrange music for us to play! I'm also in charge of keeping track of our money and making sure we make wise financial decisions. This is my second year on the Windband committee in these roles.
  • INSTRUMENTS - Trombone, baritone and drums
  • COURSE - Business Administration (2nd year because I changed courses!)
  • FUN FACT - I'm half Australian!



  • HELLO - I'm here to make sure that everyone feels included and welcome in the band. I'm in charge of organising the socials and also help with any other committee jobs. This is my first year on the Windband committee and I can't wait!
  • INSTRUMENTS - Piano and clarinet
  • COURSE - Advertising and Marketing
  • FUN FACT - I loove traveling but hate the actual journey!


We're all happy to help if you have any questions or queries! Feel free to email us, or contact us through the Windband social media. If you'd rather message one of us directly then you can find links to our personal accounts via the Windband Facebook or Instagram accounts.



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