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Current location: Coventry

About Me

Hi, my name is Gabi, and I am your Activities Officer.

I studied Event Management at Coventry University, and I helped to establish Pole Fitness Society and had been on the committee since. I absolutely adore sport, travelling and events.

During this year, I would love to help societies to ease and make their journey more enjoyable. That includes support with events, trips and sponsorships. Also, I will try my best to make our University more sustainable.

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Being VP Activities

Gabriela is responsible for representing, promoting, and developing more than 150 diverse SU societies, our Sustainability campaigns and activities and our Student Media channels at CUSU. She sits on meetings including the Students' Union Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, the societies committee and Union’s Council.

Gabi's Updates



  • Improving relations and communication between societies and CUSU.
  • Direct help with organising society events, fundraisers and trips.
  • Encouraging more engagement of new students within societies and events.
  • Implementing students’ ideas for societies’ improvements.
  • Creating better links with local venues and companies in order to get sponsorship and deals.


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