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About Me

Hi, I’m Obinna Okereke. I have been re-elected for my second year as Vice President of Education. I am Nigerian, and I previously worked in Marketing in the Higher Education sector in Nigeria for three years. My interests are novels, good TV shows, military history, sports and good podcasts.

Last year we had some wins working with the University on No-Detriment policies and the Open Letter. This year I am working to ensure academic representation is consistent across the University Group. I love to hear from students, so please get in touch with me through any of the following channels.

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Being VP Education

Obinna is responsible for leading 1,000+ course reps across the CU group, working closely with Faculty and Campus Reps. He will be speaking to students to collect their feedback on issues raised during the academic year and meets regularly with the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Experience and Provost Ian Dunn.

He sits on many university committees' including the Board of Governors, Academic Affairs Subcommittee, Academic Board and the Quality in Learning and Teaching Committee (QuILT).

Obinna's Updates


  • Work with the university to ensure the quality of student experience is paramount in every decision making progress.
  • Work with the university to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on learning experience and improve teaching delivery.
  • Supporting student wide campaigns including campaigns for tuition fee refunds


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