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About Me

Hello, my name is Catarina Fernandes Cardoso, better known as Cat. I have just finished my Mathematics degree and hope to become a teacher after my sabbatical year as CUSU President.

Along with my degree, I was involved in the Rep system to help improve the student experience. I went from being a Course Rep to being the EEC Faculty Officer and now your elected President. I am very passionate about defending your views and interests and we can work together to have the best possible student experience.

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Being President

As President, Cat heads the Executive Council team, and the Students’ Union leading on Campaigns and democracy, like elections. She meets regularly with Coventry University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor John Latham and Ian Dunn, the Provost. She also represents the student voice on the University’s Board of Governors and meets external organisations locally and nationally.

President's Updates



  • Lobby the University for rent reductions and inclusion of Covid-19 termination clause within contracts.
  • Encourage the University to increase the emergency fund provision for students with financial difficulties.
  • Increase the level of mental health support available on all campuses, no matter where you are.
  • Improve accessibility and support for disabled students.
  • Make the Students' Union truly student-led by involving students in more University and Union decisions.
  • Ensure that the Board of Trustees and other important meeting minutes are readily available on the website.
  • Restrict in-class tests and coursework deadlines during revision week to help students focus on exams.
  • Tackle the BAME attainment gap.
  • Provide sports and societies additional support and on-campus facilities to organise events and activities.
  • Bridge the gap between campuses by organising cross-campus sporting and social events.
  • Build a rapport with local businesses to provide more employment opportunities for students.


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