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About Me

Hi, my name is Elvis. I am your Sport and Wellbeing Officer, and I am here to support you during your time at Coventry University. I studied Sport Management, and I have been heavily involved in sports.

I have played basketball for the men's first team for two years and in my second year, I was the President of the Basketball Club. I was also a member of Team Phoenix and a sports scholar. I am very passionate about improving student experience and inclusion within sports. I will do my best to create equal opportunities for all students to participate in sports regardless of their background or disability.

If you think I can help you, please get in touch.

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Being Sport & Wellbeing Officer

Elvis is responsible for more than 50 sport clubs on campus, encouraging more students to take up a sport as well as acting as the advocate for those engaged in sport at all levels. He leads on Varsity and all other sports fixtures and helps support wellbeing campaigns.

Sports & Wellbeing Officer Updates



  • Return to sport:
    • Bring back sports to every student at Coventry University.
    • Target to increase hours of facilities available for students as well as potential funding for sport activities.
  • Inclusion:
    • Focus on creating equal opportunity for all students to play sports and be part of sports society.
  • Varsity:
    • Have an exciting and unforgettable varsity week.
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