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Hi, my name is Alexandra Nebancea, but people call me Alex! I'm a 4th and final year Management and Leadership student and very much looking forward to graduate and enter the job market as an Event and Project Manager, fingers crossed!

Alongside my degree, I've been volunteering with CUSU since 2018, going from student volunteer ti Volunteering Department Officer and Volunteer of the Year in 2020. Apart from that I am part of the amazing REP system and the founder and president of ESN Coventry, formerly known as the Erasmus Society. Now I have been elected as CU Coventry Campus Officer and I am so excited to be able to work alongside an amazing team of individuals to bring you the best student experience, events and campaigns!

Sam Ahmed

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Being a Faculty Officer

Faculty Officer lead on academic representation, welfare and activites in their Faculties. They work with senior academic staff to resolve problems facing all students there. They also work with the School Education, Welfare and Inclusion, and Activities Officers to resolve problems raised at a School level.

Faculty Officers are invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Board and Faculty QLT (Quality in Learning and Teaching) committees in their Faculty. Outside of their Faculties, they are members of Union Affairs Committee and the CUSU Education Committee, all of which meet regularly during term time.

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