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About Me

Heyyy, My name is Victoria Chenge alternatively known as Victoria Life and I am your Health and Life Sciences Faculty Officer.

I am a student of Bsc Biomedical Science. I am an international student originally from Nigeria with a UK family base. I have tons of interests among which, basketball, anime and animal care.  

I have a lot of great ideas for you all and I look forward to hearing each and every one of your great ideas as well as concerns, I look forward to working together with you all to achieve your best education, ensure our student welfare as well as engage in amazing activities to skyrocket our experience here at Coventry University. I look forward to your cooperation in maximising our student experience! Let’s make the best changes, study and have fun! :)  

Please do feel free to get in touch with me as I am actively here to assist you! :) 

Remember to stay safe! 

Being a Faculty Rep

Faculty Reps lead the academic representation of students in their Faculties. They work with senior academic staff to resolve problems facing all students there. They also work with the School Level Officers to resolve problems raised at a School level.

Faculty Reps are invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Board and Faculty QLT (Quality in Learning and Teaching) committees in their Faculty. Outside of their Faculties, they are members of CUSU Executive, Union Affairs and various Forums, all of which meet regularly during term time.

If you want to speak to Josh about your academic experience, email 


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