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Job markets are increasingly competitive. Why not get a head start with a placement?Register your interest with us here At CUSU we are committed to giving our students opportunities to be involved in real work experience alongside their academic studies. Being able to develop your skills and knowledge in applied situations, as well as making yourself a stand-out graduate, can all happen when you take on a work placement. Taking on a placement within CUSU or a local school can help you advance your career path, stand out to employers, and shows self-motivation and drive when it comes to achieving what you want from your goals.

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What is a placement?

A placement is a role taken either during studies or as a separate year between years of study to allow students to develop real-world skills of their field in a working environment. Some courses require or highly recommend placements, whereas for others it’s completely optional. Placements can be paid or unpaid and vary in length and responsibility.

We offer placements in a number of departments and schools across a range of different backgrounds that can suit any degree. Even if you just want to do something new to expand your skill-set, a placement is a fantastic way to learn new skills and develop yourself.


Add+vantage placements.

Add+Vantage placements can take place as part of your undergraduate course learning. Each year you will take a ten week Add+Vantage module, and we have opportunities for these to be taken as active learning placements in schools and other community based projects. Theses can even be accredited as extra qualifications!

You will need to complete module learning outcomes in order to complete the placement and the module. Click here for more information about CUSU Add+vantage Modules.


General placements

These placements are 30 hours of experience and will last for no longer than 3 months.

Students do not need to complete module learning outcomes in order to complete the placement and the module.

These placements can be offered to any department in the organisation and can be arranged through the Placement Unit.


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