Sports Ball

Coventry University Students’ Union’s Sports Ball is an annual event that showcases the achievements and successes of its sports clubs and their members. Every year the Sports Ball is a great success and brings all sports clubs together for one night of celebration.

The event will be taking place on Wednesday 17th May at Sports Connection; join us in celebrating sporting achievements here at CUSU. Tickets are just £30 and include: transport to and from the venue, a welcome drink, three course meal and free entry to the after party at The Empire. Buy your tickets now!

Tickets are available until 4:30pm on Wednesday 3rd May. 



This Year's Awards, Nominees and Winners

Best Club Leader

Awarded to an individual who has lead, organised and contributed to their sports club. To help improve the work of the club both on and off the field of play.

Chris Brealey – Hockey - Winner

Joshua Wilson – Karate - Nominee

Charlie Hynam – Men’s Football - Nominee

Edward Prince – Mountaineering - Nominee

Peter King – Weight Lifting - Nominee

Natasha Ogbe – Women’s Football - Nominee


Best Individual Performance – Male and Female (2 awards)

This performance award will be given to an Individual who has excelled in their field of sport.

Emma Reid – Judo - Winner

Olivia Piechota – Judo - Nominee

Melisa Martinov – Tennis - Nominee

Kimberley Brown – Weightlifting - Nominee

Gintare Katkute – Women’s Basketball - Nominee


Grant Thornton – Cricket - Nominee

Ross Venus – Ice Hockey - Nominee

Jamal Petgrave – Judo - Nominee

Jamaal Otto – Karate - Nominee

Milo Lethorn – Karate - Winner

Faaris Sheikh – Weight Lifting - Nominee


Best Small Club

Awarded to a club with fewer than 40 members that have had great participation in competition and recreational sport, introduced new members to the sport and remain financially sound.

Gymnastics - Nominee

Karate - Nominee

Men’s Lacrosse - Nominee

Women’s Basketball - Nominee

Women’s Gaelic Football - Winner

Women’s Rugby Union - Nominee


Best Large Club

Awarded to a club with more than 40 members that have had great participation in competition and recreational sport, introduced new members to the sport and remain financially sound.

American Football - Nominee

Dodgeball - Nominee

Hockey - Nominee

Men’s Football - Nominee

Mountaineering - Winner

Taekwondo - Nominee

Weight Lifting - Nominee


Most Valuable Player - Team Phoenix

Calum Ireland – American Football - Nominee

Warren Gray – Boxing - Nominee

Grant Thornton – Cricket - Winner

Milo Lethorn – Karate - Nominee

Ben Gridley – Karting - Nominee

Luke Gregory – Men’s Basketball - Nominee

Charlie Hynam – Men’s Football - Nominee

Ryan Conyard – Men’s Rugby Union - Nominee

Megan Hayward – Netball - Nominee

Daniel Jones – Rugby League - Nominee

Gintare Katkute – Women’s Basketball - Nominee


Team of the Year

Awarded to a non BUCS team that has succeeded in their competition throughout the year and displayed continuous commitment and dedication to developing as a team.

Athletics - Nominee

Cheerleading and Dance - Nominee

Dodgeball - Nominee

Streetdance - Nominee

Taekwondo - Winner

Women’s Gaelic Football - Nominee


BUCS Team of the Year

Awarded to a BUCS team that has succeeded in their competition throughout the year and displayed continuous commitment and dedication to developing as a team.

Karate - Nominee

Men’s 1st Basketball - Nominee

Men’s 2nd Basketball - Nominee

Men’s 1st Hockey - Nominee

Men’s 2nd Football - Nominee

Men’s 1st Rugby Union - Nominee

Men’s Table Tennis - Winner

Netball 3rd - Nominee


Coach of the Year

Awarded to a coach that has developed their team(s) and shown commitment, dedication and loyalty to their club. This can be a paid or voluntary coach.

Adam Biggs and American Football Staff - Winner

Robert Eddon – Basketball - Nominee

Amy Barson – Cheerleading and Dance - Nominee

Tyler Slaymaker – Men’s Basketball - Nominee

Huw Thomas – Men’s Rugby Union - Nominee

Sang Young Park – Taekwondo - Winner

Tom Stack – Women’s Football - Nominee

Ricky Rees and Stacey Tolley – Women’s Rugby Union - Nominee


Sports Therapist of the Year

Awarded to a Sports Therapy student that has been reliable and professional in their treatment of students as well as dedicated to helping sports club(s) throughout the year.

Daniel Burgin - Nominee

Emily Hilditch - Nominee

Robbie Evans - Winner


Sports Activator of the Year

Awarded to a Sports Activator who has gone above and beyond in their role and has been an asset to the Sports Active program, engaging various students in sporting activity.

Christina Gaitan - Nominee

Gintare Katkute - Nominee

Jack Dicker - Nominee

Joshua Wilson - Nominee

Malika Hassan - Nominee

Omer Mujeeb - Winner


Best Committee

Awarded to a club committee that has fulfilled its roles and ensured that the club is run efficiently and effectively for the benefit of sustainability and student experience.

Archery - Nominee

Dodgeball - Nominee

Hockey - Nominee

Mountaineering - Nominee

Weight Lifting - Winner


Club of the year

American Football - Winner


Best Performance - team Phoenix

Karate - Winner


Best Comittee - Team Phoenix

Women's basketball - Winner


Unsung Hero Award

Equestrian - International Women's Day - Winner


Ian Dunn Award for Service to Sport

Alexa Thiel - Winner


Blues (Performance)

Blues recognise outstanding sporting achievement by an individual.


  • Full Blue

Awarded to a student who has represented their sport at junior/ full international level whilst studying at Coventry University.

Ross venus - ice Hockey

Jamal Petgrave - Judo 

Olivia Piechota - Judo 

Emma Reid - Judo 

Jamaal Otto - Karate

Grant Thornton - Men's Cricket


  • Blue

Awarded to a student who has competed in the World University Games (or equivalent) or represented English Universities whilst studying at Coventry University.

Max Hendrickx - Hockey

Mitch Francuz - Hockey

Quinten De Witte - Hockey

Kieran Sherrat - Rugby League


  • Half Blue

Awarded to a student who finishes in the top 4 in a BUCS or equivalent competition. (For an individual sport this must be in the Championship, for a team sport this must be in the Premiership).

Grant Thornton - Cricket

Akash Shah - Cricket

Basit Zaman - Cricket

Manbir Johal - Cricket

Romi Brar - Cricket

Charlie Hoskings - Cricket

Kevin Wijesinghe - Cricket

James Cox - Cricket

Johnny Lock - Cricket

Giuseppe Merlerati - Weight Lifting

Faaris Sheikh - Weight Lifting

Thomas Taylor - Archery


Colours recognise individual final year students who have displayed commitment and worked exceptionally hard to make their sports club(s) run on a daily basis. Full Colours recognise committee members while Club Colours recognise non-committee members.



  • Full Colour (Committee Member)

Full colours are awarded to a final year student who has been an active and dedicated committee member for at least 1 academic year and has gone above and beyond to benefit the club.

Deon Young Hogan - American Football

Marcus Urbanski - American Football

Johnson Nwamma - American Football

Georgi Rusev - American Football

Jamie Warner - Archery 

Vickie Lickova - Archery

Jamie Warner - Archery 

Charlotte Edwards - Athletics

Jack Pegler - Athletics

Laura Stavrinidis - Athletics

Lucy Davis - Athletics

Harry Baxter - Athletics

Lauren Hughes - Cheerleading and Dance

Emily Hilditch - Cheerleading and Dance

Leanne Alie - Cheerleading and Dance

Zoe Lawrence - Cheerleading and Dance

Grant thornton - Cricket

Akash Shah - Cricket

Will StLedger-Chambers - Cricket

Liam Walker - Cricket

Lauren Pickering - Equestrain

Olivia Freeman - Equestrian

Joshua Mugridge - Golf

Christopher Brealey - Hockey

Liam Emerson - Hockey

Aaron Short - karting

Aidan Gubbins - Men's Football

Callum Kennelly - Men's Football

Daniel Baugh - Men's Football 

Jordan Walshe - Men's Football 

Daniel Burgin - Men's Football

Jack Dicker - Men's Football 

Joe Dorsett - Men's Football

Alex Palmer - Men's Football

Alex Taylor - Men's Football

Jack Webber - Men's Rugby 

Ryan Conyard - Men's Rugby 

Kireran Harrington - Men's Rugby 

Max Wortley - Men's Rugby 

Louis Addleton - Men's Rugby 

Yinka Sofidiya - Men's Rugby 

Martin Du Preez - Men's Rugby 

Joseph Harris - Mountaineering

Bryony Finch - Netball

Alexa Thiel - Netball

Megan Hayward - Netball

Rhiannon Pestage - Netball 

Holly Phillips - Netball

Laura Buckham - Netball

Sean Aguilar - Rugby League

Daniel Jones - Rugby League

Chris Parker - Snow Sports

Geroge Loukaras - Snow Sports 

Jo Steele - Snow Sports

Nicole Connolly - Snow Sports

Shekeenah Chobbah - Streetdance

Jemma Hancox - Swimming & Waterpolo

Jemma Hirst - Swimming & Waterpolo

Samuel Burton - Swimming & Waterpolo 

Zachariah Collins - Swimming & Waterpolo

Kieron Chamberlain - Swimming & Waterpolo

Kirsty Haynes - Swimming & Waterpolo

Harris Foster-Carter - Swimming & Waterpolo

Takahiro Nakazato - Table Tennis

Nga Man Mak (Sarah) - Taekwondo

Kenric Wong - Taekwondo

Liam Griffiths - Taekwondo

Kristie Kwok - Taekwondo

Andy Hoult - Tennis

Sam East - Tennis 

Elyse Gallagher - Tennis

Jamie Frearson - Tennis

James Spooner - Tennis

jack Hedges - Tennis

Rowan Thompson - Ultimate Frisbee

Nicky Ellis - Ultimate Frisbee

Faaris Sheikh - Weight Lifting

Peter King - Weight Lifting

Stephen Link - Weight Lifting

 Gintare Katkute - Wome's Basketball

Chantelle Opoku - Wome's Basketball 

Rebecca Azzoapardi - Wome's Basketball

Natasha Ogbe - Women's Football

Ellise Newby - Women's Football

Brenna Ryan - Women's Football

Maeve Stenson - Women's Gaelic football


  • Club Colour (Non Committee Member)

Awarded to a final year student who has been an active and dedicated member for the club and gone the extra mile to support the club for at least 1 academic year or more.

Bami Olupona - American Football

Ben Ello - American Football

Courtney Etienne - American Football

George Choionis - American Football

Israel Fonseca - American Football

James Wilson - American Football

Justin Adenuga - American Football

Kieron Chamberlain - American Football

Chloe Austin - Athletics

Jake Watson - Athletics

Philo Man - Athletics

Leah Relton - Athletics

Matthew Butcher - Athletics

Matthew Salkeld - Athletics

Daniel Flowers - Athletics

Antonia Akande - Cheerleading & Dance

Adeel Sajid - Cricket

Basit Zaman - Cricket

Kevin Wijesinghe - Cricket

Manbir Johal - Cricket

Romi Brar - Cricket

Matthew Falzarano - Cycling

Jacob Barratt - Cycling

Lauren Pickering - Equestrian

Rachel Grant - Equestrian 

Sabrina Wadman - Equestrian

 Brendan Cafferkey - Golf

Jack Reynolds - Golf

James Mackintosh - Golf

Matt Langman - Golf

Ryan Sears - Golf

Rachel Cornish - Hockey

Katie Davidson Smith - Hockey 

Sarah Brimyard - Hockey 

Lauren Prior - Hockey 

Niklas Brockmann-Smith - Hockey 

George Myatt - Hockey 

George Griffiths - Hockey

Aaron Short - Karting

Armel Sida - Men's Basketball

Konstantin Mladenov - Men's Basketball

Tyler Slaymaker - Men's Basketball

Clinton Disimelo - Men's Football

Arnold Acheampong - Men's Football

Andrew Boadi - Men's Football

Inigo Aguinaga - Men's Football

Emmanuel Oloyede - Men's Football

Adam avies - Men's Football

Jason Evans - Men's Football

Delapo Samo - Men's Football

Andy Welling - Men's Football

Jordan Bignell - Men's Football

Sam Bohnel - Men's Football

Luke Jenner - Men's Football

Dylan Coker - Men's Football

Michael Cliffe - Men's Football

Connor Wilkinson - Men's Football

Marcus Rossi - Men's Football

John Gibbons - Men's Football

Robbie Evans - Men's Football

Rob Knibbs - Men's Football

Robert Liley - Men's Rugby Union

Fraser Collet - Men's Rugby Union

Will Staniford - Men's Rugby Union

Joseph Harris - Mountaineering

Michael Edge - Mountaineering

Deke Adebambo - Netball

Emily Robbins - Netball

Becky Hill - Netball

Emma Way - Netball

Kat Hall - Netball

Grace Lawton - Netball

Sianika Malcolm - Netball

Olivia Keys - Netball

Ida Willock Crease - Netball

Bethan Evans - Netball

Barrie Barnadier - Rugby league

Fergus Stewart - Rugby league

Joe Roberts - Rugby league

Luke Vincenzo D'Alessandro - Rugby league

Phil Deeble - Rugby league

Rory Dickinson - Rugby league

Sean Treleaven-Jones - Rugby league

Radu Jianu - Snow Sports

Sarah Tweddle - Snow Sports

Yasmine Newman - Snow Sports

Jenny Wilson - Snow Sports

Valeriya Nikolaenko - Snow Sports

Spencer Carter - Snow Sports

Jordan Oconnor - Snow Sports

Jennifer Wilson - Snow Sports

Hebe Davies-Colley - Swimming & Waterpolo

Sophie Brown - Swimming & Waterpolo 

Thomas Allen - Swimming & Waterpolo

Victoria Philpot - Swimming & Waterpolo

Ryan Hollis - Taekwondo

 Henry Arrell - Tennis

Fernando Moreno - Tennis

Ed Tennant - Tennis

Melissa Martinov - Tennis

Jess Appleton - Tennis

Charlotte Bolt - Tennis

Alice Lewis - Tennis

Yoan Tsonev - Tennis

Lorna Johnson - Tennis

Oli Al-Rehani - Weight Lifting

Kristie Kwok - Women's Basketball

Marta Nasinska - Women's Basketball

Ellise Newby - Women's Football

Shannon Shaw - Women's Football

Ellise Newby - Women's Football

Shannon Shaw - Women's Football

Abigail Hutton - Women's Football

Brenna Ryan - Women's Football

Natasha Ogbe - Women's Football

Kerriann McLaughlin - Women's Gaelic Football

Nicole Connolly - Women's Gaelic Football

Hina Pajwani - Women's Rugby Union



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