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Welcome to GDS! The purpose of this society is to create a space where developers of all skill-level can find a hub to share ideas, learn the basics, show off their work, and create a community united through their shared interest of game development.

This society is meant to be accessible to all students regardless of previous experience. The games industry requires a diverse mix of talents and for this reason, we believe that learning how to make a game should be an opportunity open to students from all courses.

Aims & objectives: 
1. Allow students who aren't doing a game-related degree to learn the basics of game development.
2. Inspire experienced game developers to work on their projects within a community atmosphere.
3. To enable networking between courses through game development (Games Art, Games Technology, Creative Writing, other courses...).
4. To allow students to share their game projects, receive inspiration and feedback. 
5. Make a fun space to try something new that can help with course stress while picking up a new skill along the way.
-Weekly meetups to work on games and encourage each other on personal projects.
-Industry trips to game development conferences (Leamington, Birmingham, etc...)
-Bimonthly game themes to work on if students need inspiration.
-Occasional Game Jams (Intensive Game Development marathons).
-Possible Game development charity live streams.
Membership Fee: £2
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