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Current location: Coventry

We wish to create an environment welcoming all new students to our University by creating the MedPharm family. Whichever stage you are at, we will welcome you with open arms to a whole new society which will bring the first, second and third years closer. Offering you guidance as well as an environment where you can relax and have fun. We will be planning socials, BBQs (if we have good weather), movie nights and some educational trips. 

Our Aims and Objectives: 

1. Generate a family environment for all students studying MedPharm and others interested in the course. 

2. Give the Medical and Pharmacological Sciences course an identity within the University.

3. Organise events to bring the MedPharm society members together such as socials, educational trips, coursework guidance, help with Linked In accounts, BBQs and movie nights. 

4. Bridge the social gap between Years 1 to 3 and increase the integration and provide support for students in terms of the course. 

5. Enjoy your time at university surrounded by people with the same drive, ambition and passion for pharmacology. 

Membership costs £4 for the whole academic year.

Find us on our instagram page @medpharmcov

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