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Current location: Coventry


ASCU aims to raise cultural awareness and promote unity, tolerance and acceptance between different communities. 


To extend the reach of our society, we aim to build network with other students and societies within the Coventry University and other around the Country in order to work together effectively on issues plaguing Afghanistan/region. Afghan Society CU is open to everyone with an interest in Afghanistan.

Aims and objectives

1. Bring students together- one of our main aim is to bring Afghan/non-Afghan students together here at Coventry University and locally.

2. Host various culture and educational events to raise Culture awareness. We have a rich and vibrant culture which not many people knows about, ASCU is here to answer that call. It’s always interesting to learn about other cultures, beliefs, values and perceptions.

4. To inform people about an alternative Afghanistan that is often overlooked and rarely discussed in the mainstream media.


Afghan Society CU hosts various cultural and educational events individually and with other Afghan Societies in the UK to raise culture awareness among other cultures and communities. We will also organise guest lectures by Afghan’s professions in different fields which will help the society members to develop their skills and knowledge.

President - Muhammad Fawad Azizi

Vice President - Kahenat Yakubi

Treasurer - Ali Jan Niazi 

Inclusion Officer - Kamila 

Events Manager - Fathima 

Admin Office - Malaika 


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