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What we do:

We are the Coventry University Airsoft Society. We bring together like minded people who enjoy Airsofting, and we also encourage people to get into this sport. We understand that getting into the sport can in some cases be an expensive investment, therefore we have a number of guns that we can give out on loan for a day for a small fee.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an action based sport, similar to paintball, which involves games which simulate military combat scenarios. The guns we use fire 6mm plastic bbs, and are either battery operated or charged with gas. The guns are full size replicas of real weapons which adds to the realism of the sport.

Safety is still an important factor since the bbs will be travelling at around 330 feet per second (225 MPH!), therefore all sites enforce a strict eye protection policy. Full face protection is definitely recommended and many players wear lower face protection or at least put a scarf over their mouth. As a society we do have full face protection available to lend out. If you do plan on bringing your own please make sure they are secure (not going to fall off your face) and provide all round protection.


As a society, we aim to turn up to skirmishes in and around the Midlands area once every month, with our local site being The Grange Airsoft, whom we have a really good relationship with.

This year, we plan on inter-mingling with other university airsoft societies around the UK so we can make new friends, share experiences, try out new skirmish sites, and most of all, have fun! To find out about our latest skirmishes and other events, check out our Facebook page:


Of course, being a University Society would not be complete without drinking. We have regular socials, and it also gives everyone a chance to get to know each other, and we also use these opportunities to plan later events.


            1) To compete in the national university 8 man tournament at gunman Airsoft Midlands

            2) To introduce as many new people as possible to the sport

            3) To take part in at least 1 game every month on average throughout the year

            4) To repair and expand out range of rental equipment for player use

            5) To hold a society meeting once per term to review these objectives and control the direction of the society


Please feel free to follow and contact our facebook page

Here you will find details for all of our events and socials.


Our instagram page, where highlights of game days are posted:


2019/20 committee


President: George Dennington

Armourer: Josh Mills

Inclusion Officer: Josh Vass

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