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1. We aim to aid students in learning to cook. Many students resort to takeaways and ready-meals because they are unaware of how simple it is to make their own meals

2. We aim to learn about food from different cultures by inviting people to pick a dish which fits in with a certain theme that we have set (generally a continent or the theme that the CUSU has set for that month

3. We aim to learn about different types of diets (whether because of allergy or preference) and making sure that there are always recipes which suit these kinds of diets. We also have 'Allergy Week' where we will ask everyone to attempt to bring or create a dish that almost everyone would be able to eat (i.e. gluten free).

4. We aim to help students eat cheaply and healthily and learn skills which will help them in future life

5. We aim to help student learn about more sustainable/environmentally friendly diet options such as vegan or vegetarian and the impact that western diets have on not only our bodies but our planet.



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