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This society is currently dormant. If you would be interested in becoming a committee member and running the society please email

We imagine our society to explore the United Kingdom and learn more about this culture together.

Although we want to explore the UK, we also want to have some leisure time.

We are keen to take in students who want to learn more about our traditions, culture, habits.

Since we are here we started to meet many Slovaks and Czechs students who had troubles finding friends when they arrived in Coventry. Our future plan is to create an interesting society which will help freshers to fit in easier and encourage more student from our countries to come and study here in Coventry.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Meet people from the same background. Meetings will be in regular base, social meetings, sport meetings or meetings in parks to have a dinner. Also, we would like to travel through this country and developed and see the beauties of the UK.

2. To make it easier for future student from the Czech and Slovak republic to find friends and learn more about life in Coventry. We would like to work side by side with our agencies thanks for them we found this university. They would promote this university with our society to make them to fell free. They will have here some friends from the same background that will help them to fit here better and will show them how it is going here.

3. Expand society throughout the time.

4. Promote Czech-Slovakian culture, music, food etc.

5. Celebrate holidays typical for Czechs and Slovaks. There is one important day in our history it is 1st January when our countries became independent. We would like to celebrate after exam period. Also, we would like to celebrate Easter that we practise different

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