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Current location: Coventry

First of all, we want to make the bridge between the deejay and the event providers. More specifically, we want to represent local DJ talent from Coventry University to give them opportunities to perform on local music events.

Secondly, we want to provide our members with educational workshops that allows them to develop certain DJ and production skills. Such workshops would be for example “how to successfully beat match two songs with eachother”.

In addition, our society will provide and moderate a platform where songs and other relevant information can be shared on. This could be achieved by for example creating an online Facebook group where members can share useful links.
Finally, our society allows its members to lend out equipment to each other. Furthermore a basic portfolio of equipment (e.g. a mixing panel and speakers) will be created. This ensures our members to have the right equipment when they need to practice or perform. 

Aims & objectives: 

1. Bring DJ and producer talent together with the goal to inspire each other

2. Give upcoming talent from Coventry University opportunities to perform at public music events

3. Provide an educational environment that allows students to develop certain mixing and producing skills

4. Moderate an online platform where music can be easily shared on

5. Lend out equipment that enables our members to practice and perform

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