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The Vegetarian and Vegan Society encompasses all aspects of ethical, healthy and sustainable living, which aims to show students how cheap and easy it can be to live vegan and waste-free! Activities will include social events/parties, campaigns, food meetups, access to vegan and waste-free help guides, trips away to vegan resorts, guest speakers, access to yoga/meditation and similar classes and opportunities to get involved with petitions, environmental and vegan projects (e.g. revamping gardens), classes on growing your own produce and DIY-ing home essentials, be on the YouTube channel (doing videos like vegan challenges, trying vegan foods, how they're doing with going waste-free etc.), going to debates and conferences on more political issues in this area and potentially get discount vouchers for such things as v-restaurants, protein shakes and starter DIY essential kits. There's no pressure to 'conform' to the lifestyle but there will be endless support for students trying veganism/waste-free, where members can be used as mentors to help others transition! Members will also support and guide people through issues such as un-supportive families or dealing with emotions to 'slipping up' on the lifestyle.


Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide a comforting community for vegans and vegetarians who find the lifestyle difficult or lonely.
  • To produce detailed meal plans and healthy eating guides for students looking to improve their diet.
  • To debunk stereotypes and myths surrounding vegan lifestyles through laidback and engaging foodie events.
  • To provide a safe place for debating important issues regarding our food system.
  • To support members who want to get more involved in activism and altruistic routes.

Membership Fee

Membership fee for the society is £5.00 for the whole academic year, which includes money off trips and events.




President - Ellen Rogers
Treasurer - George Billington
Campaigns and Social Media & Inclusions officer - Josie Faulkes


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