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We celebrate our national feasts and introduce other students to Kazakh culture and history. We aim to help new students from Kazakhstan or other related countries. We’re also planning some trips across the United Kingdom throughout the year. We want to make Kazakh students engaged with the culture and history of Great Britain. Our society would like to approach mutual understanding through international student relations.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To organise joint activities and interact with other cultural societies to create cultural events that would further improve the members’ experience of Coventry University.
  • To promote Kazakhstan and Kazakh culture in Coventry by providing meetings, festivals and presentation for all international students.
  • To organise social events for students interested in Kazakhstan culture and create a friendly environment which will help students meet new like-minded people and make friends.
  • To help fellow students from Kazakhstan by providing information and friendly support to settle in as well as cultural, informational and entertainment events which will make their transition to the university life easier.


Membership Fee
Memberships: £5.00 for the whole academic year.

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