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Current location: Coventry

The Lebanese society will help Lebanese students and anyone who would like to meet and get to know Lebanese people and their culture.

In addition to to helping students who feel home sick or find difficulties in their new home, and guide them through living abroad.

Organize group studying sessions to guide students through the difference in the new colloquium followed in the United Kingdom. As well as, trips in the UK to get to know the culture.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Brining Lebanese students and anyone of interest together.

2. Helping students to get familiar with the University and the city.

3. Organizing Social meetings where students can get to know one another and speak out for any enquires.

4.Give non-Lebanese students the opportunity to live and get to know the Lebanese Culture.

5. Setting up social events such as: games nights, ice skating, bowling, paintball etc.

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