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Malaysia and Singapore have a long-lasting relationship, they are like a family. They both share the same notion and have an exclusively good relationship and history from a long time ago as neighbouring countries.

The two countries share similar cultures, traditional costumes and literate languages. Either Malaysians or Singaporeans, we all respect the differences between cultures, races, religions and other aspects. The two countries are formed with multi races and religions. Hence, it is exactly what makes us special in terms of food and culture.

Fortunately, this is an opportunity, as well as our obligation to show Coventry University’s students our cultural diversities. Certainly, everyone is welcome to join the society and one does not necessarily have to be Malaysian nor Singaporean, as long as you are willing to get to know the wonders of diversity in both countries.

Members will have the opportunity to explore and embrace different aspects relating to a state’s cultural heritage, including art, history, language, foods and more through monthly seminars and workshops. As well as the periodical events and guest speaking events.

Everyone is welcomed to join us and discover the wonders of diversity.

Aims and Objectives:

1) To diversify Malaysian students’ social life

2) To help Malaysian students to develop and enjoy an international experience

3) To exhibit Malaysian cultures and traditions to students in Coventry

4) To coordinate and organise events with other cultural societies

  • To build and unify a board of multiracial committee, incorporating different thoughts and sharing the betterment of the society in order to represent the spirit of both countries through beneficial workshops, sports, social events and many more.
  • To create workshops, events and discussions with respect to different sharing of the international and current world affairs, individual countries’ economical, political and social learning aspects and beneficial knowledge as university students.
  • The board of committee will organise monthly workshops, seminars, meetings or guest speaking events to enhance the members’ participations and gain new values and learning through these.
  • The board of committee will hold weekly meetings to discuss and provide updates on potential improvements or issues present within the society to ensure and upkeep the members thoughts and satisfaction.
  • The Malaysian and Singaporean Society will organise periodical public events for Coventry University students and staff as a public showcase for both Malaysia and Singapore’s national cultures and traditions.
  • An annual celebration of the Malaysian and Singaporean Society will be held by gathering all members on a selected date and time to celebrate the annual achievements and growth of the society.

Membership Fee
Membership fee: £3.00 for the whole academic year.

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