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The Coventry University Movie Club is a place where fans of film and cinema can meet up and discuss their interests within the world of the silver screen. With a vast variety of film choices, member-led viewings, and opinion-generating conversations; this society aims to give like-minded individuals the means to indulge their movie passion.

With plans to showcase different genres, classic cinema, independent films, mainstream movies and everything in between, we hope as a society to fulfill our promise of showing members a vast selection of films that will heighten individual passion towards the industry.

As a member-led society, we vote on which films to view, and meet together weekly to watch and discuss what we've seen. We also do weekly cinema trips and a monthly podcast. We aim as a society to fully develop into a social media led discussion group, with a Facebook, and Twitter as a means to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Aims & Objectives

  • Our main aim is to create an informal society that will bring together both film enthusiasts and casual watchers. This will lead to more member led discussions as we hope to encourage opinions between every member.
  • Create a portfolio for the club, which will be designed and maintained by members.
  • To widen members understanding of the industry though increasing their awareness/ knowledge the variety of film.
  • To encourage members to critique and review films watched
  • To organise cinema trips to large releases, and encourage discussion around award ceremonies
  • To provide competitions and activities to further the enjoyment of the club


The weekly meeting are yet to be decided, Email to society email to get more info


Membership cost: £6

Our Committee: 

President: Alexander Orley -


This Year's Screenings:

September 2019:



October 2018 Screenings: 


Last Year's Screenings:

  October 2017  Screenings: 


      November 2017 Screenings: 


December 2017 Screenings


January 2018 and February 2018 Screenings






       March 2018 and April 2018 Screenings


Our Events 

Doctor Strange & Arrival Trip


Special Interest Society Quiz


Star Wars Rogue One Imax Trip


Blade Runner 2049 Cinema Trip:

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