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We will be potentially discussing formal and informative topics, the society will mostly be entertainment with plenty of quizzes and interactive games throughout. To help picture a session in the society, it will be quite similar to “Mock the week” and “Have I got news for you”. The quizzes will include games such as: guess the missing word in the news title or statement, guess the news story from the picture or from a word or number, etc. This society will broaden your perspectives when discussing topics surrounding society and help encourage thinking about issues differently, however it is fully interactive and fun giving you more than just information. There will be other quizzes and games depending on what the news stories of the week include, for example: if an article states that people are more likely to do well in their studies when they eat bananas every morning, we could try and put it to the test or use it as a survey and bring the results back the following week. Also there will be a website, where you can publish your own articles and ideas, which the society feels would be great for your CV. The main aims are to utilise news and external issues to discuss important topics but in a fun engaging way. This will hopefully broaden your knowledge and interests as well as boost your confidence and introduce new perspectives.


Aims & objectives:

  1. To broaden student’s knowledge on external topics brought in from the news and other sources.
  2. To encourage students to become more open-minded and confident when discussing topics, by letting each person speak their point of view without judgement.
  3. To encourage students to research the news for themselves not only to help them get a better understanding of society but also to prepare them for the quizzes!
  4. To encourage students to think on their own two feet, allowing them to bring new ideas and write up blog articles, as well as the possibility of producing surveys.
  5. To use quizzes and interactive games to enhance students’ knowledge and ideas in an engaging way.

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