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Current location: Coventry

Aims & objectives: 

1. Create a platform for students that are studying nutrition or are interested in it and help to enhance their knowledge about the importance of nutrition;

2. Provide information about healthy lifestyles by inviting guest speakers and organising workshops;

3. Networking: collaborate with other societies and volunteering organisation on campus and actively work towards setting-up connections with professional organisations within the industry (example: the Nutrition Society, IFST);

4. Share exciting and innovative nutrition and food related opportunities and information with its members;

5. Enjoy and have fun!


Membership Fee £10 for the entire academic year:

£5 Nutrition, Food & Health Standard Membership, which includes exclusive access to various opportunities (Discounts, Trips, Events)

£5 Societies Annual Subscription 


Email Address:


We enjoy and welcome everyone's company, so be sure to check us out find out what this society is all about!

Make sure to follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER for weekly recipes, food facts and all our upcoming events so you never miss a thing!



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