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The society will be about philosophy. The reason for trying to start this society is because, while philosophy may be too vast a field to narrow down to a specificity and to establish a base, it also looks at life holistically.

That is to say, while other society’s members share commonalities on a specific field of interest this may be exclusive, strictly speaking, to the interest of the particular society, respectively. Because of the many fields orbiting philosophy and its vast reach in all aspects of life, members will have a chance to discuss and learn from each other.

No one excluded, members do not necessarily have to be athletic or scholarly to join, the conversations that I would imagine to be had in the society will be anything from, but not limited to, love and passion to predetermination and freewill.

The reason for taking initiative to start this society is because, talking to different student, from all years, we find ourselves discussing issues that may be as mundane as “Does love exist?” for hours, and thinking why is there no forum which invoke these conversations.

We believe that not only will this society be a place to share similar, or dissimilar, ideas with a vast amount of fellow members, but also give us a platform in which we can discuss important topics that may not be discussed anywhere else.


Aims & objectives: 

1. To share thoughts and beliefs about life.


2. An environment in which students can utilise their intellect to express their opinions on topics, perhaps outside their academic field of study, not limit to a few, but to everyone.


3. Establishing awareness about students with dissimilar understanding of philosophical concepts.


4. An increase in interest of philosophy as a whole, as opposed to just the reductionist approach to subjects.

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