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About Pole Fitness Society

Who are we?

We are an inclusive society, welcoming people at all levels, from a complete beginner to a very advanced pole fitness dancers - you will find a class for yourself to get the full experience and be able to improve your skills. Courses are held at a local pole studio, what also gives you a great opportunity to socialise with others. Our trainers also offer private sessions to help you further improve your skills or get ready for competitions.

What do we do?

Our goal is during our weekly sessions will be to show that this society is more than a sport, as not only you improve your dance skills but also change your mindset.

Why should you join?

Reasons why to join this society: ' Happy Hormones' are released during every session, you will improve your strength and coordination, confidence boost, freedom of self-expression. The most important one - You will become a member of a diverse and accepting society. As a member of our society, you will also get a chance to go on an organized trip with us that will include workshops with pole dancers from the place we will decide on going.

What have we done in the past?

Awards and Recognition

The Committee

President - Wiktoria Peksyk

Vice President - Zuzanna Sosnowska

Inclusions Officer - Elizabeth McGrath

Treasurer - Gabriela Sulikowska


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