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Current location: Coventry

We aim to bring all students together – whether Polish, international or home, through a range of various events and activities during the academic year.

The society will help to promote the Polish culture and traditions as well as familiarising members with British culture to allow new students to accustom to the life in Britain.

We ought to represent Polish students and enhance their student experience.

If you have any questions feel welcome to contact us through our email.


The meetings will be open to everyone who would like to attend and learn more about Polish culture, also to gather a huge amount of Polish students who are studying at Coventry University. Furthermore, screenings of Polish movies will be potentially put in our agenda or movies about Polish culture/society.

Aims & objectives: 

1. Provide cultural lesson on Polish culture

2. Integrate with people from different cultures and backgrounds

3. Attend events and meetings along with society members, including the Congress of Polish Student Societies

4. Enhance students’ experience by sharing a knowledge& experience with Freshers (1st year students) about the university as a whole and city of Coventry

5. Organise Polish related workshops& events to celebrate Polish and European holidays/important dates in Polish/European history (like the end of the II WW or the Independence Day held on 11th November).

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