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Aims & objectives: 

1. To make students aware of the nowadays market reality and more knowledgeable of the way psychology works for customers

2. To inspire students to bring an innovative contribution to specific public communication issues encountered by millennials (21st Century consumers)

3. To make them think outside the box through workshops and meetings with professional guest speakers

4. To get a real insight on what it actually takes to work in an PR/ marketing agency and study in the world’s most prestigious advertising school

5. To enhance their knowledge related to creative communication strategies and understand what impact company’s reputation has on the brand image. Also, we will offer support for students to improve their critical analysis skills, which are crucial in a marketing-oriented career


1. Discussions/ debates- on various topics, such as promotional communication/ PR/ consumer behaviour and psychology

2. Workshops

  • Presentations on various PR related matters (problems a company is facing, new product development, etc)- each member will be given the opportunity to act as company’s spokesman (company chosen by him/her) and explain the new offerings and its impact on the consumers-this will also be a chance for students to enhance their critical analysis skills
  • Contemporary consumer issues- case study (each session members will be given different real-life scenarios and challenged to find new ways of solving the problem, or, even better, explain what can be done to avoid such things from happening in the future)
  • Brands and colours- consumer psychology

3. Competitions:

  • Create your own product, select a target audience and develop a small advertising plan in order to ensure the success of your brand.
  • PR competition- we will use a local business as a case study (e.g. Rising Café) and create a press release/ promotional materials. In addition, we will invite the owners to explain about their marketing/ communication strategies and channels

4. Trips -  To a PR and marketing/ advertising/ company in London (Rooster, Grey, Ogilvy & Mather) or in

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