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Although the Punjabi culture lay its stepping stones in the Indian subcontinent, with roots of the culture in both India and Pakistan mainly. Therefore, Punjabi society will try to bring diversify nations together in terms of food, making members familiar with the historic places from both Punjab, traditional dresses, music, language and dance by using committee members from both countries. However, focus on religious perspectives is not concrete.  The society, welcomes any members who wants to gain knowledge about the Punjabi culture. This society will celebrate traditional festivals together and keep weekly seminars to improve their knowledge about Punjabi culture. Moreover, the society will be organising activities related to sports which can be indoor or outdoor.  Adding to that, our society will keep competitions such as turbans and traditional dresses, treasure hunt etc. Moreover, there will be weekly seminars empowering knowledge of members about the Punjabi culture. The society aims to help members/non-members who are new to the country as well (i.e. settling, norms and culture of the UK). Currently the society initiative is being looked over by 30 potential members.


1. Making upcoming new students familiar with the Uni life in terms of making new friends, getting familiar with University standards of academics.

2. The society aims to contribute to the progress of the university by running charity events/March, also volunteering for university agendas.

3. Provide weekly Punjabi speaking classes for interesting candidates.

4. To recognise everyone with equal perspective and including students of all backgrounds, cultures, races and religions.

5. Bringing people together from different nations with the same culture.

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