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The United Nations Society will encourage debate among its members in the form of Model United Nations conferences, an educational simulation that allows members to learn more about international relations, current world affairs, diplomacy, and the United Nations. During these academic simulations, students will take on the role of delegates from different countries and will be assigned to different committees in an attempt to solve real-world issues and by using policies and representing the views of their assigned country.

Members will be able to gain valuable experience and improve their public speaking, research, critical thinking, team, and leadership skills.

United Nations Society will give students the opportunity to interact with students from other institutions in the region and will aim to invite local politicians and civil societies for its various debates.


Aims & Objectives

  1. Create a safe and academic environment which stimulates healthy debate relating to current world affairs
  2. Create awareness of the United Nations (UN) and UN association UK through guest speakers, field trips and other events
  3. Enable networking opportunities with like-minded students and appropriate guests from institutions relevant to the UN associations in the UK
  4. Facilitate fundraising events for appropriate charities and NGOs
  5. Enable the facilitation of a common ‘forum’ in which other CUSU societies are able to interact and socialise on broader current affair topics.


Instagram: @covmun

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