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Course Reps are open 24/7, all year round. If you would like to get involved with Reps in your faculty but have not signed up as a Rep you can do so here.

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Faculty Rep

Aida Andronic
Arts & Humanities Faculty Rep


My name is Aida Andronic and I am a French and International Relations student. Last year being the Course Rep help me to learn how to improve my communication skills regarding problems resolution among other important skills. It also help me to realize how does the Rep System work and motivated me to want to do more for students, that is why this year I have applied to be the Faculty Rep for FAH.

One of the things that I would like to do is encourage more students to be reps since it is an incredible expierence from which you can learn a lot and make sure that thanks to these Reps all the courses are correctly represented. Another thing I would like to achieve throughout the year is create a closer relationship with School Reps and Senior Course Reps.




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Upcoming Rep Events

All Rep Conference 2 - We will be hosting our 2019 All Rep Conference of the year on Wednesday 13th March. This is one of the biggest events we host where all Reps gather to meet, share best practise, take part in feedback workshops with their faculty and get the latest information on all things to do with representation in higher education. Information about the date, time and location will be sent to your e-mail.

Student Forums

The next student forums will take place from March 2019. Details of individual forums will be e-mail to all Reps and staff five days prior to a meeting and the day before with details of the time and location. Contact your Rep coordinator or reps.su@coventry.ac.uk for more information.

School Reps

Details for contacting your School Reps will be posted here soon. Please contact your Faculty Reps in the meantime.

Vacancies in this Faculty

All Senior Course Rep positions are currently filled in FAH

To apply for a Senior Course Rep role simply use our online application form and make sure you tick the 'Senior Rep' box. If you are already a Rep and you would like to upgrade your role to Senior Rep please e-mail reps.su@coventry.ac.uk or send us a message on Facebook.

To apply to be a Service Rep or Senior Service Rep, send us a message on Facebook or e-mail reps.su@coventry.ac.uk.