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Cheny Moses- VP Activities 18/19

Hi, I'm Nyaknno Moses, Your VP Activities for 18/19 Academic Year and I represent, Promote, and Develop Special interest, Academic/Departmental, Faith, Political/Campaigning, Music/Performance, Culture and International societies. I also work to ensure that the SU is more sustainable, by promoting the UN Sustainable development goals and encouraging more students to be more aware about the environment they live in. while working to increase student led activities and engagement in CUSU key events through Student Media.


If you have Questions about Societies or anything else, you can find me at office 1.24, or send me an email at


Facebook - Nyaknno Moses CUSU VP for Activities 

Twitter - CUSUVPActivitie


Natalie Goulder- Student Activities Manager


Hi, I’m Natalie your Student Activities Manager, I have been working within the students unions for 6 years. I have a passion for working with students, helping them achieve their goals and ambitions. My world outside work is very busy, socialising with friends and family and being taxi driver to my 2 teenage daughters. I try to enjoy my life to the full as ‘ you only live once’.


You can contact me on or find me in my office 1.49


Lauren Osgood- Societies Coordinator

Cultural and International, Special Interest and Music and Performance Societies


Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm Societies Coordinator. I'm passionate about creating positive and fun experiences for our students. Helping them to build memories they will cherish and skills they will use long after University ends. Feel free to come and see me in 1.43 or email me on 


Facebook: Lauren Osgood Socs Coordinator


Yas- Socieities Coordinator

Academic & Departmental, Faith & Policatl and Campaigning

Hey im Yas- I love working with societies and seeing all the different work each and every student group does. I hope I can be there for each student group to develop, succeed and thrive here at CUSU. If you want to come and chat to me, come thorugh to room 1.43 or contact me on 

Contact: for all societies queries 


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