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Jubilee Christian Centre Society

As a representative of Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) in Coventry University, many of the goals and aspirations of the main church are shared with this society. 
In aiming to build a community that has a sense of purpose on an indvidual level, we want to work together as a family to have a strong relationship with fellow members.

Ultimately, we expect JCC Society to become a name that holds value and speaks volumes of itself with the work our members accomplish. That would include encouraging creativity in people through developing spirituallly, personally,socially. Reaching out to the wider community of Coventry University and Coventry city. We are a family and promote the ideas behind love and fellowship, by buidling a relationship amongst ourselves.


What you can experience with us, as a member of this society:

-Sharing time in which an open ground is created to let members share their issues or difficulties without judgement or interefering.



-Debates/ Series covering stories of the bible and its various texts, relating them to the modern day.

-Story time, for members to discuss personal events where comfortable or known events that encourage a discussion

-Open Mic Night

-Q&A for those who are curious about what a christian does in modern times, also how to tackle living with different ideas of morales and justice.

-Anonymous Q&A

-Studying of the Bible texts and stories.

-As well as guest speakers who would give their take on various aspects of the Word and the Christian faith.


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