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Warhammer, Minatures & Table-top Gaming Society Society (WMT)

Hi there! Welcome to the WMT Society page. We’re a bunch of like minded students who play a variety of tabletop games at FarGo Village just outside the City Centre. We meet every Thursday at around 17.45 and usually close up at 22.00. We have plenty of tables for playing a variety of games along as well as a dedicated space for painting and working on any of your current projects. We welcome everybody from all gaming backgrounds and levels of experience, as everybody can help one another achieved their hobby goals. Now that the introduction it out the way, why not pop over to our Facebook page ( )and have a look at what we’ve got coming up over the next few weeks. You might be surprised by what you find! 
Our aims and objectives:
1. To introduce new gamers and hobbyists to games that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to or considered playing. We have a variety of local gamers who run and play all manner of games, and with such a variety of games available no two sessions are the same. 
2. To promote the playing of tabletop games, we welcome anybody who has an interest in any of the games we run, which is quite a lot, but if you’re not sure if we have a particular game available just message us and we can ask and see if there are already other players who’d show you the ropes. 
3. To have fun. Gaming is all about making friends and having a laugh. Whether you’re laughing at your enemy’s annihilation from across the tabletop, to rolling a 1 when facing a Dragon in D&D. We’re sure you’ll have plenty of tales to tell after playing with us for a few weeks. 
4. To support individuals with their own gaming. Unsure of your characters backstory or not sure what heraldry to paint your army in? We’re all here to help one another make the most out of our hobbies so just ask some other members or the committee and we’ll either help out ourselves or find somebody who knows the most about what you need help with and put you both in contact. There’s an awful lot of knowledge in Warhammer and even more with all the worlds within D&D so having a guide can make it much easier and enjoyable. 
5. To help everybody have the best university experience possible. While we’re not an academic society going to help you get a job, we do want you to enjoy your time studying at Coventry, it’s a fantastic city with so much culture and history, so we’ve got plenty of events, trips and socials planned for the year ahead to help take your mind off of the more mundane elements of student life. Just had a tough assignment? Come along and play some games. Stressed about upcoming exams? Give yourself a night off and chill. We’ve got plenty of games that can be completed in one night so if you just want a distraction for a couple of hours then pop along and say hi, there’s always another chair waiting to be pulled up to a gaming table! 
What does membership give me?
I’m glad you asked! Thanks to our lovely hosts at FarGo, we can offer our paid members the following benefits in return for a fair fee of £8 per academic year. 
  • 10% discount on all paints, scenery moulds and hobby tools at The Paint Rack. 
  • Acces to our own society airbrush and primer supply, demonstrations on how to use this are available and it really does help prime models easily. (Also, it can be used for other painting but personal paints must be used.) 
  • Access to our society bits box, all you need to do is provide some bits in exchange for what you want or some small change for the pieces you’ve taken (£2.00 maximum cost for any item depending on size, rarity etc.)
  • Locked Storage space so you don’t have to haul your army home after finishing a game, or alternatively it can be stored for you to continue the next day. Collection required by the Saturday after unless otherwise agreed. 
  • Early access tickets to our socials, trips and other events. 
  • Discounted ticket prices compared to non-members. 
  • Priority invites to any of our own tournaments and leagues etc. 

Not a bad deal if you ask me! 

Membership Fee: £8.00
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