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CU London Law Society

CU London Law Society is the centre of the CU London Law School’s student lead activities. It currently enjoys a growing membership from both law students and non-law students. ?The Society aims to enhance the social, academic and extra-curricular opportunities for its student members. It organises a variety of events throughout the year on a regular basis including social events, moots, and professional excursions.


Involvement with the CU London Law Society can be both a rewarding and beneficial choice for all types of student whether they are law students or studing in other areas. The activates we provide give you the opportunity to build a wide network of legal contacts as well as build your CV with activities that future employers will not only be impressed by but expect you to have engaged in. Alongside building your CV the CU London Law Society will also give you the chance to have fun and socialise with your fellow students on a regular basis.

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