Welcome to the Coventry University LGBTQIA+ Society!

What does LGBTQIA+ stand for?
L= Lesbian
G= Gay
B= Bisexual
T= Transgender
Q= Queer/Questioning
I= Intersex
A= Asexual/Aromantic
+ = any other identities (including, but not limited to: Pansexual, Demisexual, Non-binary, Genderqueer)

When/where do we meet?
We currently meet every Thursday evening during term time at 6:30-8pm in RC201 which is on the second floor of the Richard Crossman Building, and we often head to Square One (in the Hub) or Quids Inn afterwards. The main entrance to Richard Crossman is on Jordan Well (next to the Ellen Terry building), which is opposite the Hub. There are lifts in the building, and the building is step free, so it is physically accessible. The Richard Crossman Building also has a set of toilets where you are free to use whichever is most comfortable for you. If you need help finding where we are, just ask.

We also have a Mature and Postgraduate meeting at 5pm on Thursdays too, which take place in RC253.

Who are we for?
We are a society for anyone that identifies as LGBTQIA+ or is questioning their sexual, romantic or gender identity. Allies (those who are not LGBTQIA+, but support the community) are welcome too! You are welcome to join the society if you are a current student at Coventry University or CUC.

We aim to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone, and it does not matter if you are not ‘out’, or ‘out’ to everyone, as no information about our members are available publicly. If it’s your first time attending, and you are nervous about coming, you’re welcome to bring a friend along too.
We’re a friendly and supportive bunch who spends a lot of time together in and out of meetings. As such, the society’s atmosphere is open, welcoming and relaxed. We aim to provide this wonderful environment to all throughout the year.

What do we do?
During the year we have regular weekly meetings. What we do in meetings vary, but can include serious discussions, awareness week and day talks, board games evenings, casual chatty evenings, bring and share meals, crafts and more. If society members have particular activities they'd like us to do, we are open to it. We aim to be a casual social space where people can truly be who they are without fear of judgement surrounded by people with similar experiences.

We’re passionate about making a stand for LGBTQIA+ rights and issues both on and off the campus. Recently we have been campaigning in regards to having Gender Neutral toilets on campus, and hold protests and meetings where we deem necessary.

As well as our regular meetings, we also support local LGBT+ groups, such as Coventry Pride and take part in numerous LGBT+ related events, such as the Coventry Pride weekend and parade, Birmingham Pride, LGBT+ Pool Parties and also LGBT+ History Month events. We also have good links with Coventry’s LGBT+ Staff Network. You can usually find our stall at Freshers/Refreshers Fairs, at Coventry Pride and also during LGBT+ History Month.

We also work with the Students’ Union LGBT+ Committee, which is run by an elected LGBT+ Officer, which can help us put motions forward to benefit the LGBTQIA+ community at Coventry University. There is also an opportunity for students to attend the National Union of Students (NUS) LGBT+ Conference also NUS Trans Conference.

Is the LGBTQIA+ society heavy on drinking?
Our society is a diverse mix of people who subsequently have differing experiences in terms of drinking alcohol. Society meetings are alcohol free and casual. We often go to a bar/pub that serves alcohol afterwards but there is no pressure for you to drink (or attend at all if you don't want to), you can do whatever is comfortable for you. But if drinking is your thing, there are a number of LGBT+ venues in Coventry. We do also have non-bar/pub related meet-ups, such as coffee mornings. There are plenty of people within the society who do not drink, and this year’s President is teetotal, so we will try and accommodate for everyone!

What are our aims and objectives?
1) To provide a safe space for all LGBTQIA+ students and their allies. This applies to everyone in our community, especially if they are from other minority backgrounds as well, and applies to everyone regardless of their status of being ‘out’.

2) To arrange outings and social events to help students foster friendships and improve their quality of life at University.

3) To arrange fundraising events and awareness events for LGBTQIA+ people and charities.

4) To provide understanding people to talk to and provide advice and help for struggling members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

5) To attend and support LGBTQIA+ events such as “Transgender day of Remembrance” to acknowledge and respect all members of the community. This is because we aim to be as intersectional as possible.

If you’d like to know more about what we do or have questions about attending, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or Twitter, or send us an email! This years committee are a diverse range of people with different identities and experiences, so any particular concerns or questions about accessibility/disability, mental health, safeguarding, being ‘outed’, Trans (including name/deadname concerns) etc can be discussed with someone who has experience in this area, in a confidential and safe manner.

What are our fees?
Membership for the society is £2 for the whole academic year. If you’re not a current member of any other CUSU society, you’ll need to purchase CUSU's societies membership (covers all societies you join) for £5 or joint sports and societies membership (covers all societies and sports teams) for £12, which helps keep the Students’ Union running.

Who is on the LGBTQIA+ Society committee 2018/19?

President: Adam Khan

Vice-President: M Bogdanis

Treasurer: Emilia de Luca

Social Inclusions Officer: Detchema Baptiste

Social Secretary: Jacob Matthews

How can you contact us?

Email :


Twitter: @CovUniLGBT

Instagram: lgbtqia_soc

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