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Coventry University Anime and Manga Society is a place for fans of anime and manga (Japanese animation and comic books) to hang out, watch some anime and get to know new people. Events outside of society meetings include social gatherings that normally happen after society meetings and going to anime related conventions. Members of the society are able to able put together their own meetings through the society facebook page. Members of the society come from a wide range of backgrounds and preferences to different animes that they like to watch; some members even cosplay their favourite characters from different series. We also hold bingos and other types of quizzes where you can win small prizes like Japanese snacks all the way to some nice figurines of characters from various series.

This academic year we are trying to do a manga meeting - every other wednesday we get together and read stuff that we or anyone else has brought along, discuss what you might have read already, or just have a casual time with the others.


Aims and Objectives 

1) To watch and celebrate Anime and Manga

2) To celebrate Japanese Culture and dispel any misconceptions

3) To create a legacy and/or archive to pass on to future years

4) To provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment to socialise


We're a very relaxed and welcoming society. We meet twice a week to chat, socialise and watch anime as well as once every two weeks to read and discuss various manga. It doesn't matter if you're not a hard-core fan. We accept everyone whether you're a casual watcher, obsessive fan, or even new to the medium.

If you want to get in contact, email us at the email below or join our Facebook group 'Coventry University Anime & Manga Society' where we post the weekly choices of shows to watch! We look forward to seeing you and welcome you to the madhouse!

Contact and Social Media info

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Membership Fee
Membership for the society is £5.00 for the whole academic year.

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