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Coventry Bengali Society

Our society sets out to gather people from different backgrounds in order to promote the social and cultural traditions and customs of Bangladesh and its people. We hope to achieve this by bringing Coventry University students and staff together for exciting, active and fun events.

We hope to collaborate with similar societies at other Midlands universities on events in the future. We have already received a mass amount of support from local universities to promote our society and its aims.

We also have links with various humanitarian charities and hope to collaborate with them on events to raise awareness and funds for Bangladesh and others in need of aid and support.

Our society will bring to you: dinners, concerts, galas, movie/game nights, and socials, whether it be ice skating or climbing a mountain! These fantastic events are not just limited to only Coventry students; but open to the public, expanding our society image within the student community.


Any queries? Email us - or WhatsApp message the officials phone on 07593 940983

Or find us on on social media!

Aims & Objectives:

• Provide a platform for all students that are interested in Bangladesh to find out more about the culture, language, and historic heritage.
• Celebrate the key dates and events relevant to the Bangladesh culture e.g  Boishaki ( New Year), Independence etc.;
• Provide a platform for students of all years to expand their social circle, meet new friends and make the transition of new students to student life smoother.
• Represent the Bengali students on campus and organise joint events with various similar societies from other universities which will help

Membership cost: £3 for the academic year 

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